It  now costs $450 to ship a 10-week-old puppy to any major airport in  the  Continental U.S.  (more possibly for older  puppies depending on weight) The shipping charges cover the airfare,   shipping crate, veterinary exam, health certificate, and any other  costs  such as airline taxes and fees. We only charge what it actually  costs us to get the puppy to you and often end up paying more than the  charged amount in gas, etc. These fees are subject to  change if the  airline changes their prices. The  puppy must be paid for in full by 9 weeks of age to  give us time for  the veterinary visit, final flight requirements from the airline, and to  give PayPal time to clear in case a hold is placed on the payment. This  includes the total puppy price + shipping. 

Where/How do you fly? 

We  fly through the United PetSafe program which is specifically geared  towards pet travel. We have flown  puppies for more than 10 years with  no problems and have seen  firsthand how the puppies are handled and  treated. At this time we fly  within the United States. Flights will  be discussed on a case by case basis. The puppy will be shipped to the  nearest major airport to you or the one you specify as long as they accept puppies being shipped  through the airline pet program. We will  make the reservations for you  through the airline. Puppies must be at least 10 weeks of age to be shipped. 

More Information on Shipping: 

Please  allow us to initiate the flight scheduling with the airline. It is  quite different than scheduling a human flight and we are what you would  call "experts" in dealing with the airline since we have shipped many  puppies over the years. As soon as we receive the detailed information  on your puppy's flight we will issue you a detailed flight information  pdf complete with flight confirmation numbers so you can also see the  flight details directly through the airline or even call them for  confirmation. We have never had any problems with the PetSafe program  and have been shipping puppies for over 10 years.   

The  puppies can fly via the airline starting when they are 10 weeks old.  Prior to this I will work with you to decide  on the exact day that  works well for you to receive your puppy. The days are pretty flexible,  but the times depend  on what the airline has available and are  sometimes limited. The  puppies ship on specific airplanes that are equipped  to handle live  animal transport which are climate controlled. This means that puppies  can only go on specific flights. 

We  can generally ship once the puppies are 10 weeks old, and typically any day of the  week except Sundays. Once we have decided on a date, I fill out the  preliminary shipping form with the airline.  They then  contact me with the detailed flight information 1-3 days after  I fill  out the form. Once I have received this  information I will forward it  directly to you via email in a detailed  flight itinerary sheet which  includes  reservation confirmation number, flight number,  departure/arrival times, what to bring with you, and the specific pickup location  address at your airport.

As per airline requirements, every puppy shipping through the airline receives a health check & flight  clearance through our licensed veterinarian several days prior to the  flight date.      

What information do you need to ship my puppy? 

We will need the following to schedule your puppy's flight: 

  • Name of the person who will need clearance at the airport to pick  up the puppy (as it appears on your govt. issued  photo ID).   
  • Your Address   
  • Your Phone Number   
  • Secondary Phone Number (optional)

What to bring when you pick up your puppy: 

  • The phone number for  pet Reservations line.   
  • A printout of the confirmation number from the email that included the flight itinerary.   
  • Photo ID for the person picking up the puppy.   
  • Water to offer the puppy after you get to your vehicle.   
  • Collar and leash for the ride home for potential potty stops.   
  • Antibacterial wipes to wipe the puppy's feet if soiled during the trip. (Many do not have accidents, but they are still babies so it happens.)   
  • Trash bag or plastic grocery bag to put the soiled bedding in from the trip.   
  • Blanket to put with the puppy for the ride home.